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The Boxer

The Boxer
By Matt Johnson

Calm, Quiet, Reserved.
The muffled crowd in the distance.
A hood creating a dark cavern,
shadowing the beast within.
Focused silence.
The heart beating slow and heavy in the chest.
Thoughts swirl and dance in the mind.
Concentration centered on the challenge.
The walk is not alone.
Friends, family, coaches,
protection from all others.
Sliding between the ropes.
The protection cannot enter here.
The challenge must be faced alone.
Only Support and encouragement can be offered.
The eyes gaze on the challenge ahead.
Body tensing, preparing.
Mind clear.
A bead of sweat glides down the chest.


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by Matt Johnson

What if you woke up underwater?
Imagine the feeling.
You are surprised; in shock.
The lungs open to breathe,
But icy water is your new air.

Can you feel the panic setting in?
The water presses against your body.
As inescapable as air.
You fight for your life, but it holds you down
As inevitable Death finally comes for you.

Do you see your life flashing before your eyes?
Your 4th birthday party, shared with friends who became strangers.
The sensation of your first kiss re-lived.
Your family, the one that started it all and the one you started.
Year’s worth of memories lived in seconds.

How much time do you have left?
Think of all the time you’ve wasted.
Would you have used it the same way now?
Or would you have made every moment count?
It is too late now; time has escaped your grasp.

What happens next?
The last thought you will ever think.
Lungs slowly becoming gentle pools within.
The sensation of life leaving your body.
Death has finally arrived.

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Mother’s Day

A very special day is coming up soon. That day is Mother’s Day. I love my mom and in honor of her and all of the other mothers, I put together a little poem. Also, Happy Mother’s Day from me to all of you!

Mother’s Day
by Matt Johnson

I look at all our pictures, wow it’s been awhile.
I may not remember the days, but I’ll always remember your smile.
You’d watch me while I played with my toys.
Treat my bumps and bruises, saying “boys will be boys”.

You took me to all my favorite places.
Came to my baseball games to watch me run the bases.
All our long conversations and staying up late,
Cause I wanted you to know all about my first date.

You were the one who started it all.
You were there for me before I could crawl.
I could tell you loved me, you didn’t have to speak.
Always by my side, through the bright and the bleak.

Now I look back on everything you’ve done.
Nobody compares to you, not even one.
And now there’s just one thing left for me to do.
And that’s to tell you mom, “I love you”.

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Summer Night

Summer Night
by Kojo Addo and Matt Johnson

It is late in the night,
But the warmth of the day remains.
I look out and see a resting community.
The sky a burning sea of red,
Only to be parted by the bright moon.
The street light becomes the artificial sun.
The warmth of the night
Now replaced by a cool breeze,
Hushing the foreign sounds around me.
My nostrils dance with the scent of freshly cut grass.
My tongue tingles with the taste of barbeque.
My ears ring with the constant chirping of crickets.
I hear a rumbling behind a wall of daisies.
Two rabbits emerge.
They sit like statues in the grass,
Gazing upon the night.
I am also a statue.
My own world.
Silence. Stillness. Solidarity.

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Tears On My Pillow

Tears On My Pillow
by Matt Johnson

Late at night, I am all alone.
My pillow stained with tears.
Tears from nights past,
Tears from night present.

I feel the aches of the body.
I feel the aches of the mind.
Yet I am numb.
The day’s events have dulled my senses.

Abuse has become my interaction.
There is no more “hello”.
Only strong hands against me.
Only “worthless”, “piece of shit”, “no good”, “pathetic”.

I hear what you say about me.
I see the way you look at me.
You do not know me.
You do not want to know me.

Dreams of spaceships and cowboys
Replaced by the nightmares of life.
Robbed of a childhood.
Given an understanding of life.

A single tear glides across my cheek.
A new nightly ritual before my sleep.
A tear for nights past,
A tear for night present.

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by Matt Johnson

It is all we have in this world.
Hope that everything will be okay in the end.
Hope for love, and the strength required
to take a chance to love.
Hope for when you cry alone at night.
Hope for happiness, like a beam of sunlight amongst the dark clouds.
Hope for pain, so that we can truly feel happiness.
Hope that when we feel that pain,
we will have someone to help us stay strong.
Hope that we will have a shoulder, a shoulder
for comfort when we are sad
and to rest our head on when we are in love.
Hope that the people you love will love you just as much.
Hope that you can find the good out of the bad.
Hope that you will have the strength to stand up for what
you believe in when the world is against you.
Hope that she’ll realize how much you love her someday.
Hope that people will see the beauty within you
because within each of us lies something beautiful.
Hope that the people you care about find happiness.
Hope that it wasn’t all for nothing.
Hope that you can help someone when in need.
Hope that in an unjust world, justice will shine through.
And Hope that you can maintain hope in those times
when there seems to be no hope…

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