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Mother’s Day

A very special day is coming up soon. That day is Mother’s Day. I love my mom and in honor of her and all of the other mothers, I put together a little poem. Also, Happy Mother’s Day from me to all of you!

Mother’s Day
by Matt Johnson

I look at all our pictures, wow it’s been awhile.
I may not remember the days, but I’ll always remember your smile.
You’d watch me while I played with my toys.
Treat my bumps and bruises, saying “boys will be boys”.

You took me to all my favorite places.
Came to my baseball games to watch me run the bases.
All our long conversations and staying up late,
Cause I wanted you to know all about my first date.

You were the one who started it all.
You were there for me before I could crawl.
I could tell you loved me, you didn’t have to speak.
Always by my side, through the bright and the bleak.

Now I look back on everything you’ve done.
Nobody compares to you, not even one.
And now there’s just one thing left for me to do.
And that’s to tell you mom, “I love you”.


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