A World of Hope

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by Matt Johnson

It is all we have in this world.
Hope that everything will be okay in the end.
Hope for love, and the strength required
to take a chance to love.
Hope for when you cry alone at night.
Hope for happiness, like a beam of sunlight amongst the dark clouds.
Hope for pain, so that we can truly feel happiness.
Hope that when we feel that pain,
we will have someone to help us stay strong.
Hope that we will have a shoulder, a shoulder
for comfort when we are sad
and to rest our head on when we are in love.
Hope that the people you love will love you just as much.
Hope that you can find the good out of the bad.
Hope that you will have the strength to stand up for what
you believe in when the world is against you.
Hope that she’ll realize how much you love her someday.
Hope that people will see the beauty within you
because within each of us lies something beautiful.
Hope that the people you care about find happiness.
Hope that it wasn’t all for nothing.
Hope that you can help someone when in need.
Hope that in an unjust world, justice will shine through.
And Hope that you can maintain hope in those times
when there seems to be no hope…


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